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School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake)
570 Johnstone Road
Nelson, BC  V1L 6J2

Ph:  250-352-6681
Fax: 250-352-6686

To email the Board of Education please email:

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Organizational Chart – Senior Leadership

Senior Management Position Descriptions

Superintendent of Schools:

Christine Perkins or phone:  250-505-7037

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Secretary-Treasurer
Samara Shaw or phone:  250-505-7046

Secretary-Treasurer – Finance:

Michael McLellan or phone: 250-505-7039

Purchasing Coordinator:
Email or phone: 250-505-7049

Accounts Payable:
Rosanne Winter or phone:  250-505-7052

Accounts Receivable:
Laureen Livingston or phone: 250-505-7050

CUPE Payroll & Benefits:
Shauna Martens or phone: 250-505-7051

Teacher Payroll & Benefits:
Brenda Oliver or phone: 250-505-7048

Independent Learning Services:

Director of Inclusive Education
Ben Eaton or phone:  250-505-7053

Independent Learning Services Coordinator
Lovette Denisoff or phone: 250-505-7054

Independent Learning Services Secretary
Catherine Semenick or phone: 250-352-6681 ext. 7055

Innovative Learning Services:

Director of Innovative Learning Services
Lorri Fehr or phone:  250-505-7057

District Vice-Principal of Innovative Learning Services
Naomi Ross or phone:  250-505-7008

Executive Assistant to the Director of Innovative Learning Services
Shannon Ellis or phone:  250-505-7071

Human Resource Services:

Director of Human Resource Services
Deanna Holitzki or phone:  250-505-7012

Manager of Human Resource Services
Audrey MacKenzie or phone:  250-505-7045

Health, Wellness and Safety Officer
Russell Warwick or phone:  250-505-8242

Executive Assistant -Human Resource Services
Theresa Montpellier or phone:  250-505-7038

SmartFindExpress Operator/Dispatch
Danielle Monk or phone:  250-505-7065

HR Clerical & SmartFindExpress Operator/Dispatch Backup
Chandra Moon or phone:  250-505-7064

Maintenance and Transportation:
Ph: 250-354-4871  Fax: 250-354-4255

Director of Operations – Ext. #209
Bruce MacLean

Manager of Transportation and Custodial Services – (Creston 250-428-5329 Ext. #8) – (Nelson Ext. #210)
Janet Wall

Transportation Coordinator – Ext. #204
Michelle Lohrey

Department Clerical
Kyla Allenback